Imagine a career where making people feel beautiful and happy is what you do every day, where you never stop learning and you are fulfilled in every aspect. The beauty of my industry is that I get all of this and so much more. Esthetics is my passion and has been for 13 years.

Immediately after graduating from the Kelowna School of Hair, Esthetics and Nail Design in 1990 I started my own business in Penticton BC. The most thrilling part of my career was to feel the accomplishment of having my own day spa, to be my own boss and follow my own vision. For nine years I did this, meeting hundreds of new people and learning many new techniques. Day by day, guest by guest, it was my passion to make each and every one who sat in my chair feel pampered and beautiful.

In 2009 my love for the beauty industry led me to an instructing position with the Okanagan Cosmetology Institute as an esthetics instructor. Now, in a whole new area of the industry, it is my passion to encourage and assist each and every student to achieve their own personal goals like I did. I provide the students with leadership and a supportive learning environment to ensure their success. By taking my Provincial Instructing Diploma Program at Vancouver Career College, I have the ability to share my story, pass on my knowledge and exceed my own expectations.

So here I am telling you my journey and opening the eyes of those who want to know more. I am grateful to work with talented instructors and every day I can see the gratitude within my students.

Now I have the pleasure of teaching my students the art of esthetics, the exhilaration of knowing you’ve changed someone’s entire day and the ability to pursue a long and inspiring career. This journey, this dedication, this leads to…

…The beauty of it all.

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